Dana LaMon

Motivational Speaker and Author

A presentation on the richness of diversity and the rightness of inclusion.

It is the uniqueness, not the uniformity, of individuals which gives value to an organization or community. When we bring our uniqueness together, we create an IDEAL world as a model of inclusion where the worth of diversity is shared by all.

This ideal world is created when:

  • Ignorance is eliminated. With an open mind we gain knowledge and understanding of those with whom we live.
  • Differences are appreciated. Instead of a wall of separation, our differences are seen as a wellspring of creativity and innovation.
  • Excuses are avoided. Each person is responsible for oneness, and no one is exempt from acting for her- or himself.
  • Attitudes are changed. Personal principles rather than legislative proscriptions or judicial mandates best govern individual behavior.
  • Love abounds. It is the only antidote for hatred, anger, resentment, and malice--diseases that harm relationships among diverse people.

Living in an Ideal World is offered either as a keynote or as an interactive workshop. Clients usually request the keynote presentation (20 to 45 minutes long, depending on the program schedule) to augment a luncheon, or banquet program. The workshop format (90 minutes to 6 hours) provokes participants to look inward and to reach outward.

Here's an excerpt of the speech delivered as a keynote.

Here's an audio excerpt (mp3) and one sheet presentation description (PDF) of the speech delivered as a keynote.

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