Dana LaMon

Motivational Speaker and Author

A workshop on dynamic speech development.


Every time you stand up to speak you should speak with power. If you want to dazzle them when you speak and have impact on your listeners, you should develop a presentation that has the following five characteristics:

  1. Determined objective or purpose for both the speaker and the audience.
  2. Developed structure that guides the listener easily through the presentation.
  3. Demonstration of the unique presentation skills of the speaker.
  4. Diversions that amuse and maintain attention and focus on the message.
  5. Definite payoff to the audience for its willingness to sit and listen.

Packing POWER in Your Presentations is offered as a workshop. The workshop format (90 minutes, half day, or full day) gives participants guidelines to develop and prepare powerful oral presentations that achieve the objectives of the speaker. 

Looking forward to serving you to meet your professional speaking needs.

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