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A presentation on performance excellence.


How do you reach the peak of your performance? In a word-- through excellence. Okay, two words. Unless excellence is the standard under which you begin a task, it cannot be a characteristic of the results. Excellence is not a goal; it is the process of getting to the goal.

Here is what you must do to make excellence your competitive edge:

  • You must use your present performance as the measuring point and commit to do better tomorrow.
  • Your capacity to extend is determined by your responses to the forces of comfort, competition, challenge, and change.
  • You cannot get pass the barriers of despair, discouragement, or disappointment without a commitment to forward motion whatever it takes.
  • You cannot give your best to what you are doing if you do not find meaning in and have passion for what you are doing.

The Four E's of Excellence is offered either as a keynote or as an interactive workshop. Clients usually request the keynote presentation (30 to 60 minutes long, depending on the program schedule) to open a conference or convention. It has also been requested as a closing keynote. The workshop format (90 minutes to 6 hours) is an effective and entertaining training program.

Here's an audio excerpt (mp3) and one sheet presentation description (PDF) of the speech delivered as a keynote.

Looking forward to serving you to meet your professional speaking needs.

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