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My wife Jaci did a fine job in teaching our four children to show gratitude. "Please" and "thank you" were early words of their vocabularies. In their pre-teen years, on their birthdays and at Christmas she helped them to make lists of the people from whom they receive gifts. To each one they wrote notes to say thanks.


It is too bad that Jaci did not have a chance to train the administrators at the job. Rarely, did I hear expressions of gratitude for the work that I did. My commitment to excellence was not thwarted, but I am certain that my enjoyment in the performance of my work would have benefitted from an occasional "thank you." I certainly heard from them when they perceived a problem in something I did. I was once told that administration did not believe it was necessary to say thanks. Their position was that the pay check should be sufficient expression of gratitude.


When and how do you show your gratitude?


Throughout the year, there are days which are designated for showing appreciation. On the second Sunday in May we can show our appreciation for mothers; on the third Sunday in June, to fathers. We honor a person on his or her birthday and express gratitude to family and friends by giving gifts on Christmas. It is common that our appreciation is expressed by giving something material.


In the U.S., Thanksgiving is the one day of the year set aside to show gratitude, the expression of which need not be material. It is the time to say thanks when just the word is adequate. It is the opportunity to give a gift that you can keep for yourself‑‑giving thanks. It is the chance to thank your god, higher power, the universe, the creator. You can express your gratitude to the people around you for the benefits that you've received.


You can replicate the warmth and joy of giving thanks by showing gratitude every day. You can thank your spouse or partner for being a part of your life. For being understanding. You should thank your sons and daughters for doing well in school. For helping with household chores. You can tell the office support staff how much you appreciate their excellent performance. For reliable attendance. Your willingness to say "thank you" demonstrates that you do not take them for granted.


We ought not let a day go by without expressing thanks‑‑in a prayer, on the telephone, by sending a card or letter. If you find it hard to express appreciation face‑to‑face, you can do so in writing. You can take advantage of technology and send a text, e-mail, voice mail, or fax.


A simple message such as "Thanks for responding immediately to my request" can make a great impact on a business relationship, and it costs you nothing extra.


Showing your gratitude to another is one of life's mutually beneficial acts. You will feel good having done it, and the recipient of your gesture will be honored in receiving it. Don't wait for November 24; do it today. Say thanks.


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