Dana LaMon

Motivational Speaker and Author


My barber, being a Protestant minister, acknowledged the biblical accounts of Jesus' having performed such miracles as turning water to wine and raising men from the dead. But to my inquiry as to whether the barber had performed similar miracles, he responded in the negative. I reminded him that Jesus said, "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do ..." [John 14:12] I would soon learn the reason the minister was cutting hair instead of healing the sick. He did not believe that the words of Jesus were meant for him. It was evident that the barber had studied a life of possibilities, but he was not living a life of possibilities.


Is it possible?


There are only two possible answers you can give to this question-- "yes" and "I don't know." To respond with "no" is to suggest that you have comprehended the entire universe, and you perceive no way the idea could exist. But wait. If it is possible to express the idea, then the idea exists. If it exists, then it is possible.


Is there anything that is impossible for you to do? Yes, there is. It is impossible for you to perform or undertake anything that you will not accept as a possibility. In order for it to happen, you first must believe that it can happen, and then you must believe that you have the power to bring it about. To think that it is impossible is a self-fulfilling belief which negates the possibility.


If you close your mind to the possibility, it will become impossible for you. Your body will only act on what your mind conceives; hence, you are unable to perform the impossible. You must be able to picture it in your mind and believe it to be realizable before you can find the way to bring it into reality.


To believe that something is impossible does not make it so. Such belief only means that you will not be involved in making it happen.


Within the eternal universe the possibilities are limited by neither time nor space. Every moment that appears into the present brings with it new possibilities. Things believed to be impossible for humans one hundred years ago are now possible. What you see as impossible today will be reality tomorrow. The possibilities are endless.


If you restrict yourself to the tangible, you cannot experience the intangible. If you are bound to the physical, you cannot connect with the spiritual. If you lack imagination and creativity, you cannot tap into the endless possibilities.


Even if your mind is open, beyond your finite mental capacity lies other possibilities. If you do not believe this to be true, there is yet the possibility that you are wrong.


If you respond "I don't know" to the possibilities, you will always be a spectator of what is happening around you. To become a player, you must say "yes" to the possibilities. When you say "yes," then you are able to take the next step--finding the way to make it happen.


"Impossibilities" can become "I'm possibilities" with a small change in punctuation. What a difference the insertion of an apostrophe and a space can make. Imagine what could happen when the change is in how you think about impossibilities, not just how you write it.